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1. What is a Gift Card and how does it work?
A Gift card will give you discounts on our products. The discount will depend on the value of the gift card. Gift Cards of £50 or more can be used in multiple bookings until used up, providing the card hasn't expired. Gift Cards can also be used with a credit card if the booking cost exceeds the credit on the Gift Card. However, Gift Cards worth less than £50 can only be used once and for one return flight booking. Gift Cards come in two forms. The Flight-only and Holiday-Only Gift Cards can be used on holiday and flight bookings, and are valid for Flight + Hotel bookings and hotel-only stays. Open Gift Cards can be used for flights, Flight + Hotel or hotel-only bookings. Gift Cards cannot be used if there is already a discount or promotion on our site.
2. How do Flight+Hotel or Hotel only packages work?
Our Hotel and holiday packages are designed to give loved ones the guarantee of a pre-paid, package holiday, whilst also giving them the flexibility of choosing when to go and who to go with. Our Flight + Hotel Packages include a return flight and a stay at a hotel. Our Hotel-only Packages include only the hotel stay. The type of hotel and number of passengers depend on the individual package. When you book your package you will speak to one of our agents who will be able to give you their expert advice on any holiday-related queries and questions you may have
3. I have received an error message while making my payment. What can I do?
To complete your booking we ask that you:
a) check the validity of the card that you intend to use;
b) check any online transaction limits that your card may have;
c) check for any black spaces between the numbers on your card and that the card number is inserted correctly;
d) check that you have inserted the CVC correctly, if required.
4. The transaction was successful but the booking confirmation is still not showing in my account. What can I do?
Your vouchers will be in your account and ready for you to use or to give as a gift as soon as you have completed your purchase.
We ask that you check:
a) that you don't have vouchers that still need activating in your account;
b) that you have no outstanding orders in the "My orders" section.
5. I would like to cancel an order. What can I do?
If you want to cancel an unpaid order:
a) access your reserved area of the website and click on the "My orders" section;
b) click on the "Trash" icon and cancel the unpaid order.

REMEMBER: unpaid orders will be deleted automatically after 15 days from the creation. No payment will be requested.
6. I didn't receive the voucher code after the purchase. What can I do?
Your Vouchers will be in your account and ready for you to use or to give as a gift as soon as you have completed your purchase. You will receive the email containing the booking code once you have activated or gifted your Voucher. Please ensure that you have done this correctly.
7. I have already activated the voucher but I didn't receive it. What can I do?
If you have already activated or gifted your Voucher, please check:
a) that the email containing your booking code wasn't moved to your spam folder;
b) that you have inserted the email of the person you wish to send this Voucher to correctly. Go to your account to check the details of the addressee;
c) that you didn't opt to send your Voucher at a later date;
d) that you didn't select the Print option, as this would mean that you will not receive the booking code email. We kindly suggest you to try to resend the Voucher from your account area.
8. I'm not able to print the voucher or download it. What can I do?
If you experience problems trying to print your Voucher, please check that you have inserted all the details correctly. If you are having trouble loading the customised letter, please ensure that the formatting is compatible with your device and that there are no special characters in the file name.
9. My voucher has expired. Can I ask for an extension?
These Vouchers cannot be extended once they have expired.
10. I have more than one voucher. Can I exchange them or add them together?
The Voucher you have bought cannot be exchanged for a Voucher of a different type and multiple Vouchers cannot be used together.
11. Can I ask for a refund of my Gift Card?

As outlined in your Terms and Conditions, you have up to 14 days from the date of your purchase to ask for a refund of your Voucher. No refunds will be permitted after this date.
To request the withdrawal follow the following steps:

a) access your reserved area of the website and click on "My orders";
b) click on the "£" icon and request a refund;
c) you will receive an email confirming or denying the refund.

REMEMBER: once the refund has been proceeded, the Gift Cards will no longer be available in the "My vouchers" section of your reserved area. Therefore, it will not be possible to activate them or gift them.

12. I would like a statement of account for my order. What Can I do?
To request the issuing of the statement follow the following steps:
a) access the reserved area of the website and click in the "My orders" section;
b) click on the "Request statement" icon, fill out the form by entering all the required data and click on "Request document";
c) you will receive a confirmation email that your request has been successfully received.
13. I am having trouble using my Gift Card. What can I do?
Reasons as to why your Voucher may not be working:
a) it has expired. Please check the validity of your Voucher. The expiration date will be in the email containing your Voucher;
b) you are using the wrong email address. Please check the email address has been used for your Voucher. You will find this in the email containing the booking code;
c) you are not using it on the correct site. Please check that you are using the right site for your Voucher. Details of this will be in email containing your Voucher. Copy and paste the URL into the search bar of your browser so as to avoid being directed to the wrong site;
d) the Voucher code could be wrong. Please ensure that you are inserting the booking code correctly and that you are not leaving any blank spaces before or after the code.
Please remember when using your Voucher that there may be certain limitations regarding its use. For example, this could be the number of passengers on the booking or the terms and conditions regarding minimum spend for the Voucher. If your Voucher has any terms and conditions regarding its use, they will be in the email containing your Voucher.
14. I am having trouble using my voucher for a Flight + Hotel or Hotel package. What can I do?
This Voucher can only be used for holiday or hotel bookings on the site specified in the email containing your Voucher. Once you have submitted your request, you will be contacted within 4 working days by one of our agents to discuss the best deals for the dates you are travelling, requirements you specified in your request, and to finish your booking. The Voucher cannot be used for independent bookings on any of our sites.
15. I don't find any flight that meets my needs. What Can I do?
If you don't find a flight that best meets your needs try to:
a) change the searching period in which you would like to take the flight;
b) change the departure airport;
c) search for another flight in the next days. Please remember that flights availability is constantly updating according to airlines offers.
16. I have found the flight of my interest but I am not able to book it. What can I do?
If you have found the flight of your interest but the system doesn't allow you to book it and it goes back to the research page, it would due to:
a) an increase of the price of the flight;
b) the flight is not available anymore;
c) there are no more rooms available. We suggest you to search for another flight.
17. I am a company and I would like an offer to be customised to my requirements. What can I do?
Our products are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether personal or professional. Our Vouchers can be used as promotional gifts or competition prizes in your business as incentives for your employees or colleagues. If you are contacting us on behalf of an agency or a communications agency and you would like us to customise your offer, please contact us via the "Business section" of our website.
18. I would like to create my video message. What should I do?
If you want to create a video message you can choose to:
a) record a video message on the platform by clicking on "Record a video";
b) upload a video you saved on your PC previously by clicking on "Upload a video".
Important: in order to record a video message you have to allow the access to the webcam and microphone, insert your email address in the right section, accept T&Cs and click on "Save your message".
Once you have recorded the video message, please wait to be redirect to your private area.
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