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It’s simple: Create a free wallet and collect money from as many people as you’d like, receive notification e-mails for each donation, and select the voucher of your choice with one click and send it to the lucky recipient.

It’s safe: The transactions are secure thanks to the 3D Secure MasterCard technology, Verified by Visa and HTTPS protocol.

It’s unique: Give an original gift with the help of others; the more the merrier! Travel Gift Card offers the group gift service through Growish, the first online fundraising and crowdfunding service.

What are the advantages?

·  No more chasing friends and family for money!
·  No more waiting for others to pay you back!
·  Anyone, anywhere around the world can participate!
·  Check the wallet’s progress with a simple interface and e-mail notifications.
·  It’s a hassle-free way to collect money.
·  If you’re not sure what gift to get, we’ll help you choose with our recommendations. Select the Gift Card of your choice and send it directly to the recipient!
·  No more wasting time thinking about finding the perfect gift!

Need to come up with a group gift for a birthday, anniversary, birth or graduation? It’s always hard to decide what to give and how to collect the money, not to mention there are always people who promise to participate and then don’t or forget.

Now with Travel Gift Card, it’s easier than ever! With just a few clicks, you can give a beautiful, unique gift directly from the comfort of your home all while collecting the money online.

Here’s how to create your group gift in three simple steps:

1. Select a goal or occasion (it can be a wish or a special occasion) and set a date;

2. Invite friends and family to contribute by sharing the wallet via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook. Each person can donate their chosen amount with a credit card and you’ll receive an e-mail notification for each donation;

3. Purchase
the voucher when your wallet expires, select the Gift Card of your choice and send it directly to the lucky recipient.

You can select your gift from the Flight, Holiday & Hotel, and Cruise Gift Cards starting from €50.
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