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Hotel Gift Voucher £15

It's time to rediscover...
our nation's geography.


Hotel Gift Voucher £20

Your British lie-in starts here
Unwind with £20 towards any one of our hotels across Britain


Hotel Gift Voucher £30

Snuggly hotels at a stone's throw
Just the gift for a relaxing UK getaway


Hotel Gift Voucher £50

Who says you have to go far?
With £50 towards your next hotel, travelling the UK has never felt so cheap!

IMPORTANT: Gift vouchers cannot be combined into a single voucher after the purchase.
Our Hotel Gift vouchers are the perfect way to treat friends and family to a comfy abode on their holiday. Vouchers come in set value amounts of 15, 20, 30 and 50GBP.

All the lucky recipient has to do is choose when and where to go from our extensive list of hotels at

Whether it's a cosmopolitan, quiet country, or luxury spa hotel you're after, it's never been a better time to (re)discover our nation's geography, from revisiting our great lakes, big cities, or heritage.

Get to know every corner of the UK with one of our Gift Cards!
1. Choose the Hotel Gift voucher amount that's right for you;

2. Once you've purchased your voucher, you can either activate it yourself or send it to your chosen recipient for them to activate later*

3. The voucher and instructions on how to redeem it will be sent to you or your chosen recipient by email.

The voucher must be redeemed in the Hotel section on Once you've selected and customised your chosen package, you can head on out to the checkout page to apply your voucher code and complete the purchase.

*If you're the one giving away the voucher, you can make your gift more personal by adding a video message or greeting's card to send with it. You can also print out the voucher to give it in person, or schedule a sending date and time via email so as not to forget about the big day.

Hotel Gift voucher terms & conditions:

- The voucher is only valid on Hotel bookings on, accessed via the Hotel tab in the site header.

- It can only be used once

- It's not possible to used more than one gift voucher in the same transaction or ask for them to be combined into a single voucher or used in conjunction with any other voucher or promotion (for example, those applicable to specific payment methods, or cashback/voucher websites).

- The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash and/or other goods/services nor sold in any way

- It must be activated within one month of purchase. Once activated it is then valid for use for 12 months. The actual travel date can be after the expiry date but the booking itself must be made within the activation period.

-It must be used with the email address which was used to activate the voucher.
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